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Introduction to Python

Rather than writing a new Python tutorial (there are plenty of them out there), we collected a few resources to get you started.

Beginners Guide to Python

A great collection of articles to get you started in Python both for experienced developers and people without any programming experience. The guide can be found here.

Python by Example

If you already have some programming knowledge, you can learn Python by Example here. It contains examples on how to use the most common functions.

Dive Into Python 

Great tutorial if you already have some programming experience. You can find more information here.

The Python Tutorial

You can find a detailed tutorial from the Python Language Reference website here. A certain grade on programming knowledge is needed to fully take advantage of this tutorial.

Python Object Oriented

Once you are more familiar with Python, you might want to have a look at this article. It has a brief explanation on how to do Object Oriented Programming in Python. A more detailed article on that can be found in the Python Language Reference.

The Python Language Reference

You can find complete information about parameters needed in functions, available packages/functions, data and execution model. This is the official reference. You can find it here.