Lecture Drug Design 2

During this lecture, we give an overview of computer aided drug design and the approaches currently applied to this effect by pharmaceutical industry.


This course is suitable for MSc and Diplom students of Bioinformatics and Computer Science. The lecture 'Drug Design 1' is recommended, although the contents of Drug Design 2 are independent and the two courses can be taken independently. Programming skills in C++ are necessary. 


This course gives 4 ECTS credits (LP). It is suitable for the module 'Wpfl. Bioinformatik' for MSc Bioinformatics for MSc Computer Science. For Diplom students, it amounts to 3 SWS in Prakt. Informatik.

Time and Location

Thu: 10:15-12:00, large lecture hall, Sand 6

First lecture: Thu, October 20, 2011

No lecture on October 13, 2011 due to "Dies Universitatis"

Information about the lecture