Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics - Computational Proteomics and Metabolomics



Computational Proteomics and Metabolomics are emerging fields of bioinformatics.

They aim at the development of methods that allow large-scale study of proteins, their modifications and their associated metabolites using computational methods. 

Because of recent technological advancements, mass spectrometry has become the analytical tool of choice for these kind of studies.

This technology, in combination with specialized search algorithms, allows researchers to identify and quantify proteins and metabolites.

The robust quantification enables differential analysis between for example cancerous tissue and healthy tissue.

Ultimately, these recently developed methods and technologies allow to gather novel insight into many disease related aspects like cancer progression or metastasis on a level that remained covert using techniques from areas like genomics.


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Oliver KohlbacherSven Nahnsen

Contact: Timo Sachsenberg