Lecture Drug Design 2

During this lecture, we give an overview of ligand-based computer aided drug design and the approaches currently applied to this effect by pharmaceutical industry.


This course is suitable for MSc and Diplom students of Bioinformatics, Computer Science and maybe Biochemistry. The prior participation in the lecture 'Drug Design 1' is recommended, although the contents of Drug Design 2 are mostly independent and the two courses can be taken independently. Programming skills and experience with Matlab or R may be of help. 


This course gives 4 ECTS credits (LP) and can be taken as a 'Wpfl. Bioinformatik' module  for MSc Bioinformatics for MSc Computer Science. For Diplom students, it amounts to 3 SWS in Prakt. Informatik.

Time and Location

Thu: 10 am -12:00 pm, room C215

First lecture: Thu, April 18, 2013

Information about the lecture


If you have any questions about the course, please don't hesitate to contact us
Tutorials: Charlotta Schärfe