Bioinformatics 2

Module BIOINF 4120 - Bioinformatics 2

Topics covered:

Topics of the course are in particular RNA structure and RNA structure prediction, protein structure and modelling, prediction of protein structure, methods and concepts of systems biology, algorithms for expression profiling and biological networks (concepts, inference, simulation).

The topics of the BSc lecture "Grundlagen der Bioinformatik" will be revisited and addressed in detail. Thereby, advanced techniques and applications related to research will be covered. Project works covering research-related subjects are embedded.


Taught in English, exams can also be held in German.

When and where:

Room A104, Sand 1

Monday, 10:15-12:00

Wednesday, 12:15-14:00

Note: First lecture is on Mon, 15.04.2012


Wed 10-12, room F116 (Sand 6), starting on Wed 02.05.2013

Assignment schedule: 

Hand in of assignments on the following Monday, no later than 10 am (before the lecture!)

Hand out dates:
Assignment 1: 22.04.
Assignment 2: 29.04
Assignment 3: 17.06.
Assignment 4: 24.06.
Assignment 5: 01.07.
Assignment 6: 08.07.

Project schedule:

Hand out on 15.05.2013
Hand in on 10.06.2013
Presentation on 17.06.2013


8 ECTS credits (LP) for MSc Bioinformatics students (module: ,Bioinformatik 2‘)

8 ECTS credits (LP) for MSc Computer Science students (module: ,Wahlpflicht Informatik‘)

4+2 SWS (Prakt. Informatik) for Diplom students (Computer Science, Bioinformatics), passing grade required

Mode of examination:

Assignments: 20%
Projects: 20%
Finals: 60%
Finals will be oral exams (30 min) scheduled at the end of the semester (dates TBA).
Final grade will be the weighted average of the grades achieved in assignments, projects, and finals.


Attendance to Bioinformatics 1 (BIOINF 4110) is recommended.


If you want to attend Bioinformatics 2 (and want to get a grade), you have to enroll at Prüfungssekretariat Bioinformatik (Monica Weber) together with the rest of the courses that you want to attend in SS13.


Please use the email address bi2-ss13 [at] to receive a tiemly response.