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Mario Albrecht, Andreas Kerren, Karsten Klein, Oliver Kohlbacher, Petra Mutzel, Wolfgang Paul, Falk Schreiber, and Michael Wybrow (ed.) (2010)

On open problems in biological network visualization

Springer, vol. 5849(256-267). Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Much of the data generated and analyzed in the life sciences can be interpreted and represented by networks or graphs. Network analysis and visualization methods help in investigating these networks, and many universal as well as special-purpose tools and libraries are available for this purpose. However, the two fields of graph drawing and network biology are still largely disconnected. Hence, visualization of biological networks typically does not apply state-of-the-art graph drawing techniques and graph drawing tools do not respect the drawing conventions of the life science community. In this paper we analyze some of the ma jor problems arising in biological network visualization. We characterize these problems and formulate a series of open graph drawing problems. These use cases illustrate the need for efficient algorithms to present, explore, evaluate, and compare biological network data. For each use case problems are discussed and a possible solution is suggested.
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