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Benjamin Schubert, Mathias Walzer, Hans-Philipp Brachvogel, Andras Szolek, Christopher Mohr, and Oliver Kohlbacher (2016)

FRED 2 – An Immunoinformatics Framework for Python

Bioinformatics, 32(13):2044-6.

Summary: Immunoinformatics approaches are widely used in a variety of applications from basic immunological to applied biomedical research. Complex data integration is inevitable in immunological research and usually requires comprehensive pipelines including multiple tools and data sources. Non-standard input and output formats of immunoinformatics tools make the development of such applications difficult. Here we present FRED 2, an open-source immunoinformatics framework offering easy and unified access to methods for epitope prediction and other immunoinformatics applications. FRED 2 is implemented in Python and designed to be extendable and flexible to allow rapid prototyping of complex applications. Availability: FRED 2 is available at Contact: Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.