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Magdalena Feldhahn, Philipp Thiel, Mathias Schuler, Nina Hillen, Stefan Stevanovic, Hans-Georg Rammensee, and Oliver Kohlbacher (2008)

EpiToolKit - A web server for computational immunomics

Nucleic Acids Res., 36:W519-22.

Predicting the T-cell-mediated immune response is an important task in vaccine design and thus one of the key problems in computational immunomics. Various methods have been developed during the last decade and are available online. We present EpiToolKit, a web server that has been specifically designed to offer a problem-solving environment for computational immunomics. EpiToolKit offers a variety of different prediction methods for major histocompatibility complex class I and II ligands as well as minor histocompatibility antigens. These predictions are embedded in a user-friendly interface allowing refining, editing and constraining the searches conveniently. We illustrate the value of the approach with a set of novel tumor-associated peptides. EpiToolKit is available online at