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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 5 references in this bibliography folder.

Nilse, L, Sturm, M, Trudgian, D, Salek, M, Sims, PFG, Carroll, KM, and Hubbard, SJ (2009).
SILACAnalyzer - a tool for differential quantitation of stable isotope derived data

Nilse, L (2006).
Classification of 1D and 2D Orbifolds

Mück, A, Nilse, L, Pilaftsis, A, and Rückl, R (2005).
Quantization and High Energy Unitarity of 5D Orbifold Theories with Brane Kinetic Terms
Phys. Rev., D71(6):066004.

Nilse, L (2005).
Quantization and High Energy Unitarity in Orbifold Theories
Doktorarbeit, University of Manchester.

Adams, CS, Davies, HJ, and Nilse, L (1999).
Synchronous Tuning of Extended Cavity Lasers: The Case for an Optimum Pivot Point
Appl. Opt., 38(3):548-553.

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