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Everyone who wants to use our coffee machine should visit Luis de la Garza, who is responsible for the coffee system, and tell him that they want to be added to the coffee list. Please tell him who you are and which working group you belong to. Furthermore, do not simply add yourself to the coffee list in the meeting room because there are too many cases where given names are just not unambiguous.

You pay your coffee directly to Luis and payments are done in advance. We do not run on credit, rather on debit. If your credit is below zero, you cannot take a coffee. Pay first, drink later.

The current price for a coffee is 0,25€, is not negotiable and is noted on the coffee list as a reminder. Whenever you take a coffee, you mark it in the coffee list at your row. We do not distinguish big cups or small cups or cups with large or small amounts of coffee used for them, but we do charge double for a "double shot" because it uses up twice as much coffee.  We buy good quality coffee and good quality milk. The quality of the sugar is debatable, though.

The idea of charging for coffee is to recover the costs of running a decent coffee outfit (good coffee, milk, sugar, artificial sweetener, cleaning material, etc.) and to have some extra money in case a new machine has to be bought.

Everyone using the machine is responsible for cleaning up their mess after usage. We are all responsible for a smoothly operating coffee machine. As a rule of thumb, behave like an adult. In case you need to be reminded how to do so, here is a small list of things expected from you when you use the coffee machine:

  1. Don't leave your dirty cups or spoons lying around.
  2. If you spill milk, water, coffee or whatever, clean up after yourself.
  3. If the machine complains about the drawer being full, clean up the drawer.
  4. If the machine complains about cleaning the brewing unit, clean the brewing unit.
  5. If there is not enough water in the machine, refill the water tank. 
  6. If the machine displays "Descale required" or "Clean required", let Luis know.
  7. If more supplies are needed (coffee, milk, sugar, cream, etc.), let Luis know.
  8. Leave the milk in the fridge.
  9. Pay in advance, otherwise you give Luis the right to bother you and ask you to pay up.

If you think one of this rules is not fair, coffee is too expensive or conditions are too harsh, you're welcome to take your business somewhere else.

Failure to observe this rules will lead to dire consequences. Don't try the system. You'll lose.